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We are a general contractor supporting you for all your construction and maintenance project needs. We service the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial construction industries in Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Markham and Toronto.
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MaKenady Construction Services Inc.
Institutional Renovations

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MaKenady Construction Services Inc. provides a variety of institutional construction and renovation services in the Ajax, Pickering, Toronto, Whitby, Markham and Durham Region areas. Some of our specialties include:

MaKenady Construction Services Inc. provides our Contractors Services for top quality institutional remodeling, school renovations, hospital updates, and more. Whatever type of Institutional Facility you have, if you want to renovate it, you can rely on the renovation experts at MaKenady Construction Services Inc. to get the job done safely, correctly, with the highest quality workmanship and on budget.

Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Institutional Renovation Project in the Toronto and Durham Region Areas

When it comes to hiring a general contractor to mange your project requiring Institutional Renovations in Ajax, Pickering, Toronto, Whitby, Markham, or anywhere else in the Durham Region, you want an experienced General Contractor with a keen eye for attention to detail, a knack for clear communication, strict standards of quality workmanship and a consideration of ongoing operations outside of the areas affected by renovations.

MaKenady Construction Services Inc. is that General Contractor. With over 25 years of experience and a wide range of skills, MaKenady Construction Services Inc. can take on your Institutional Renovation Project with ease while ensuring every phase of the project is conducted in a precise manner that exudes safety and quality at every turn. We adhere and enforce all safety requirements and laws to ensure a safe work environment for our employees, for your employees and your clients. We only use the best raw materials and never cut corners when it comes to quality. You'll find the strength and integrity of our workmanship is unmatched in the Toronto and Durham Region Areas. Our Institutional Construction Renovation team is detail-oriented, up to date with the latest in technology and building practices, and highly talented when it comes to construction and renovation services.

From routine school remodeling projects to new construction, as general contractor our team at MaKenady Construction Services Inc. is available to complete any of your Institutional Renovation and Construction project needs.

Why Hire MaKenady Construction Services Inc. for Your Institutional Renovation Service Needs in
Toronto and the Durham Region?

Institutional Renovation Experts in Toronto and the Durham Region

As a general contractor, MaKenady Construction Services Inc. prides ourselves on being institutional renovation experts. Our team of renovation specialists can help you improve your image, your budget expenses and overall operations!

How can remodeling your institutional building do all this? Well, as you are more than likely well aware, wear and tear is everything when it comes to schools, hospitals and other government buildings due to it's high level of foot traffic. If your facility is outdated, unattractive, and doesn't accommodate a generally good flow of traffic, it can be a major safety concern for students, teachers, government employees and general taxpayers using these facilities in the Toronto and Durham Region. Not to mention, workplaces that offer poor lighting, dingy restrooms, and a general lack of good atmosphere have been shown to lower employee productivity and moral.

If your facility isn't up to par, MaKenady Construction Services Inc. we can help you improve your building quality with our wide range of institutional remodeling services. As a general contractor, we can help you with all your renovation needs, and offer expert advice on how to improve function, flow and aesthetics for improved operations. Sometimes changing a few things around, knocking down a few walls, and updating flooring and paint color schemes can do wonders not just for improved flow and function, but branding and overall presentation as well.

You don't have to invest in a complete renovation and sacrifice weeks of operation disruption to construction down time just to improve the look of your Toronto or Durham Region facility. Often times all you really need are a few key improvements, such as a new coat of paint. Let MaKenady Construction Services Inc. renovation specialists help you determine what your workplace needs as we listen to what you want to get out of our services.

We Provide Institutional Construction & Renovation in the Following Towns in the Greater Toronto Area

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If you are looking for a Institutional Construction & Renovation contractor in Ajax, Pickering, Toronto, Whitby, Markham, or anywhere else in the Durham Region, then please call 289-314-7159 or complete our Online Request Form.