MaKenady Construction Services Inc.

MaKenady Construction Services Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services. No matter which construction industry, Home Residential , Business Commercial or Government Institutional, MaKenady Construction Services Inc. is an Expert in all these aspects. The owner, Scott Guillot, has the proven experience and knowledge to provide you with the information you require for any construction or renovation project you are considering. Having over 25 years of experience working and supervising in all aspects of the construction industry, graduating as a Certified Licensed General Carpenter and completing one year of Civil Engineering at college, makes Scott Guillot the perfect person for you to consult with. Many homeowners and businesses have trusted MaKenady Construction Services Inc. to ensure quality workmanship, attractive remodeling, reliable restoration, an understanding of the importance of attention to detail, and much, much more. We have Never let ANYONE down.

Consultation Services

We can perform a simple site walkdown to providing a detail construction report based on how much detail orientation you require.

  • site walkdown
  • budget estimate proposal
  • estimate proposal
  • letter head report

  • Through this process, you receive all the information you require, so that you are able to make a sound decision on all aspects of the construction project. From required materials, timing, budget and construction laws, you will receive the opportunity to receive the knowledge you are looking for from a general contractor that is an industry expert.

    Reasons For Consultation Report From A General Contractor

    There are many reasons you might want to request a consultation from a General Contractor. When shopping for a new home, you may see things that you would like to update, but have no idea what the additional cost will be and if you will be able to afford the renovation cost you would like to perform before moving in. You may want to update the Bathroom, Kitchen or finish the Basement. Knowing the cost of your renovation can help you make a sound decision.

    Another reason would be for legal reasons. You may require a constrution or renovation report in a law suit against the contractor that you have hired. In most cases the contractor you hired has either not completed the work, is not responding to warranty items or you are having a contractual dispute.

    Whatever your reasoning for requiring a consultation call MaKenady Construction Services Inc. at 289-314-7159 or complete our Request Contact Form.
    We are located at 68 Bevan Crescent, Ajax, Ontario, L1T 4P3