Accreditations - Credentials

At MaKenady Construction Services Inc. we undertake the initiative to acquire the required knowledge and training that enables us to perform all our construction projects with the highest level of competency. We also acquire the proper legal documents ensuring our clients, that we are operating in accordance with Federal and Provincial legislation standards and also in the best interest of our employees.Click on titles to view more information

Certificate of Qualification - Certificate No: 403847
As of 2002, Scott Guillot has successfully completed and is Red Seal Inter-Provincial Certified as a Licensed General Carpenter. Scott is certified and has the appropriate skill set required for undertaking any residential, institutional, commercial and industrial construction projects. View General Carpenter Certificate.

City of Toronto Building Renovator License - License No: T85-4304755
MaKenady Construction Services Inc. has successfully completed and passed the testing requirement for the City of Toronto in acquiring a business license as a building renovator according to it's municipal by-laws. This is a requirement for any contractor to perform any building renovations in the City of Toronto. Further information can be found with the City of Toronto. Building Renovator License can be found below.

Certificate of Incorporation
MaKenady Construction Services Inc. is an incorporated company protected by the laws of incorporation. Please find out more with regards to company incorporation with the Ontario Corporation Act. MaKenday Construction Services Inc. Incorporation Certificate can also be found below.

Commercial Liability Insurance Policy
MaKenady Construction Services Inc. has an insurance policy that covers, damage, injury, medical, and various other liabilities. Through Federated Insurance, MaKendady Construction Services Inc. ensures all appropriate commercial liability insurance covering damage, injury, material and equipment are in place. A copy of our certificate can be found below.

WSIB Policy 4716722
MaKenady Construction Services Inc. always assures that all its employees are working in a safe work environment and always advocates safety as our primary priority. All MaKenady Construction Services Inc. employees and sub-trades are protected under WSIB (Workeplace Safety Insurance Board). Under Ontario provincial law, it is mandatory that everyone in the construction industry be covered. To view the clearance certificate for MaKenady Construction Services Inc. or to research any other information for WSIB, please go to