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The Owner - Scott Guillot

Scott Guillot Biography

Scott Guillot started MaKenady Construction Services Inc. in 2012 naming the company after his daughter Makena and his son Kenady. From the very start, Scott's goal was to operate MaKenady Construction Services Inc. as a general contractor that works PRODUCTIVELY, EFFICIENTLY and SAFELY while maintaining a commitment to daily work production from project start to project finish without compromising quality workmanship or SAFETY. This statement continues to stand true today and for it's future to come as our foundation to commitment, reliability and trust that is continuously building on customer peace of mind.


Scott Guillot was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario where he graduated high school, completed an apprenticeship as a Red Seal Certified Licensed General Carpenter through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and completed one year of Civil Engineering at the college level.

1988-1992 The beginning

Looking back today, I was very fortunate to have been provided the opportunity to work for my father's company called Guillot Builders Ltd. during the summers while attending high school. My construction career started one summer on a roofing crew. It was physically engaging work that required the completion of two roofs a day. I learnt the virtue of working productively and the requirement of being a team player. As the other 9 members of the roofing crew had their roles and responsibilities, it was important that I took care of my own work tasks and help in

other areas when required. The following three summer seasons I worked on many different construction crews in the insurance restoration, institutional, commercial and industrial construction divisions. From simple to complex insurance restoration repairs created from wind, water or fire damage, to complete hospital renovation and industrial construction shutdowns. I performed many tasks. Learning demolition, concrete, framing, drywall, drywall taping, door framing, windows and flooring. I was gaining experience in every aspect of the construction industry. Specific construction and renovation work experiences were completed at the Sudbury Sanotarium, Beaver Lumber, Sears, Inco and Falconbridge shutdowns, Loeb's IGA grocery store and wharehouse and the retail union office among others.

1992-1997 Full Time

After completing high school, I started working full time in the construction industry. Gaining further construction skills and knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry, I continued working equally in insurance restoration and the ICI (Institutional, Commercial and Industrial). Projects completed at Casey's, Inco, Falconbridge, Abitibi Paper Mill and Loblaws incorporated half of this time period. The other half was in insurance restoration performing emergency services from water, wind and fire damage. It's subsequent renovations of hundreds of residential homes that required framing, drywall, drywall taping , painting and flooring.

1997-2001 The Transition

In 1997, I started in a owner partnership in a company called Great North Restorations Limited, started an apprenticeship as a General Carpenter and attended College in Civil Engineering for one year. Even while attending college, I continuously worked 40 hours plus a week in between classes, at night and during weekends. During this time, renovation work was completed for Sportchek, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Agnew, Body Shop and the New Sudbury Shopping Center, among numerous home renovations projects.

2001-2004 The Move

In 2001, my wife and I decided that moving to Toronto would offer more oppurtunity and growth for the both of us. I started working for a company called Comstock Canada at the Pickering Nuclear Plant for the refurbishement of it's A side reactors. I was the companies carpenter supervisor and managed the civil construction projects that incorporated the labourers and ironworkers in a nuclear and non-nuclear environment. Project highlights were:
  • Estimation - Estimate of all civil projects at Pickering Nuclear Unit 4 and Unit 1
  • Main Output Transformer Unit #4 - layout, supervised the excavation, the rebar, the forming and concrete pouring of the sump, pad and containment walls of the new oil containment system
  • Fire Door Pickering A side - the removal and replacement of fire doors and frames and the upgrading of door hardware with new crossbar devices
  • Steam Doors Pickering A side - the upgrading of steam doors with new panic devices, closers, seals and sweeps
  • Main Control Room A Side - the demolition and re-installation of studding, drywall, floor tile and t-bar ceiling-Room size 5000 SQ. FT.
  • Office Additions - the estimation, studding, dry walling, trim and door installation and t-bar ceiling for Ontario Power Generation Executives
  • Stair Enclosures 294 el. TH - the installation of block walls, concrete roof, door frames, doors and t-bar ceiling
  • Miscellaneous Facilities maintenance - Installation of new trailer facilities and there daily upkeep. Approximately 30 trailer accommodating approximately 1000 staff and personnel.
  • Training received: Confined space coordinator, Scaffolding qualifications, Holder of record (work protection), and Orange level 2
  • These jobs ranged in size from $30,000 to $1,000,000.
  • 2004-2012 The Sacrifice

    In 2004, Comstock was denied access to Pickering Nuclear one morning with no notice. The news reports stated that Comstock was under RCMP investigation requested by Ontario Power Generation for fraudulent activities. At the end of the day no charges were laid, however I became jobless, we had just purchased a house in Ajax. I really enjoyed working at Pickering and accepted a position with Ontario Power Generation as a temporary employee in it's Civil Maintainer department. This temporary position lasted 8 years saw working 2480 hours every year. The last two years, I was feeling overworked and under compensated. I know most people would be jumping at the opportunity to work for company that paid high wages with a pension and benefits, but I felt a life change was needed.

    2012-Present MaKenady Construction Services Inc.

    MaKenady Construction Services Inc. has been experiencing continued growth in the residential and commercial construction industries. We have performed countless Residential Home Renovations completing Kitchens, Basements, Bathrooms, and other home Home Renovations Projects. MaKenady Construction Services Inc. is also a Commercial and Institutional contractor completing Office Renovations, Restaurant Renovations, Retail Store Renovations, and School Renovations. MaKenady Construction Services Inc. is a general contractor that completes every step of construction from project start to project finish without compromising quality workmanship or safety. Check out our Photo Galler and read up on our Testimonials from our growing clientel. Our Website reads like an open book. We believe in truth and transparency and have nothing to hide.

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